Youtube Videos for Architecture Visualization

Hello Huskies!

For anyone interested in learning how to render without having to use VRay or any other render engine, this post is for you! If you want to improve model photos and renderings in photoshop, check out this very helpful tutorial at the ARQUI9 Visualization channel! There is a video that blow your mind to another dimension. This great photoshop tutorial from Vyonyxtv of how you can change two simple forms into a whole render. Take a look

Gradinar Razvan has a channel that explains the process of composition in Photoshop, which can be beneficial for anyone who wants to make amazing renders the right way. Another great channel is Photoshop Architect that specializes in making super awesome renders using only Photoshop and a basic SketchUp drawing. Check it out! Finally, the last channel is for the VRay users who wants to use Photoshop to take their renderings to the next level. Check out Korinho23‘s channel!

I hope these Youtube Videos and channels will inspire you to go beyond what our architecture instructors teaches us. May your renders change the game! Thank you and stay in tune for the next post!