Performing Arts Render Tutorial

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Make Revit Drawings Prettier

Hello Huskies,

Are your Revit drawings hard to read? This tutorial from the Revit Kid will help you clean up some of your drawings in Revit. This tutorial down below will help you export drawings for 2D line work.

Also, Autodesk University has a full presentation that would help you make your Revit workflow smoother. The presentation is  called Autodesk® Revit® for Presentations: Graphics That “Pop.”

You can watch these videos to help your Revit drawings nicer. Hope these videos will help you.




Advanced Revit Tutorials: Conceptual Massing


Hello fellow huskies!

As you may know, Revit is a powerful software for architects that many firms incorporate into their workflow. For those who do know about Revit, and want to improve their skills in Revit, these tutorials may be helpful for you to use. Enjoy!
Design Reform website has an inventory of advanced tutorials for Revit users.
Architecture Concepts is a great youtube channel to help you learn complex modeling methods in Revit.

Jeremy Roh’s channel is very useful for any complex modeling in Revit, because some of the videos can help your skills progress.  If you are interested in Rendering with Revit and Photoshop, here is a tutorial that might be helpful.
If you prefer a written tutorial for learning conceptual massing in Revit, use this tutorial from Revit Clinic or the Revit Structure workpress blog


I hope these tutorials are helpful for you!