Photoshop Tutorials to Instantly Make Your Architecture Drawings Better!

Hello Huskies! This post is about Photoshop and how to improve your skills with the software!

For anyone who is not familiar with the photoshop interphase, this tutorial is a basic instructional method to importing your PDF drawings to photoshop the correct way. Don’t kid yourself! You will use photoshop for the rest of your life if you are continuing with architecture.

For anyone who wants to make interesting renderings and model photos the right way, check out this tutorial. It gives step by step instructions on what to do and how to execute.
Make your architecture sections look pretty using Photoshop using this tutorial!

Add more light into architecture images using this photoshop tutorial or using the IES lighting! This photoshop tutorial is useful for adding lights to sections or renderings.

This Photoshop website has an inventory of really great tutorials for using the photoshop tools. Also great for making model photos and renderings more interesting using photoshop.

Psdbox is the ultimate website for photoshop enthusiasts. This website has a variety of tutorials for beginners to advance users. Has amazing tips for users that can be essential to making great model photos and renderings! Also, your portfolio can really benefit from this website for aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for Photoshop specifically for architecture, look at Deprocess for the source.

The-Orange-Box is a cool website that has a lot of essential plug-ins for photoshop.This includes a free seamless texture generator!

I hope these sources were very useful! Thank you!



Websites for Photoshop Brushes (useful for portfolio or rendering)

Hello Fellow Huskies!

I hope you are doing well in all of your classes. I’m coming with you with some essential Photoshop brushes that can enhance your model photos, renderings, and portfolios if used right! Here are the links down below!

  1. Inventory of brushes from Psdbox.
  2. The 60 best free Photoshop brushes from the Creative Bloq
  3. Awesome brushes from Hongkiat!
  4. 100 Awesome Photoshop Brushes Sets You Should Have
  5. 83 Awesomely Abstract Photoshop Brushes
  6. Photoshop particle brushes
  7. Paint on trees in your PDFs using these trees brushes.
  8. Grass photoshop brushes
  9. Grunge Brushes
  10. Everybody loves clouds
  11. Just in case you like to smoke… your fireplaces within the buildings, here are some flame brushes.
  12. Overall inventory of brushes

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Ultimate Guide for Architecture Students

Hello Fellow Huskies!

Want to improve your software skills, portfolio design, or learn more about becoming a better student? These websites will fulfill all of your needs! No matter if you are freshmen or a senior, this website can be beneficial! First in Architecture is a great website for any architecture students.

Another great website is this, which was made by an architecture teacher. Digital tools for Architects  is extremely helpful for anyone who is using Rhino and SketchUp, and who needs an introduction to basic rendering principles. Tutorials for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are included.

Free Image websites (great for backdrops)

Hello fellow Huskies!

Have you ever searched for images to use, but worried about copyright regulations? Well this post is for you! Here are a few sources you can check out for at pixabay, unsplash, and morguefile. No need to fret about the images you use because the are free for commercial use

Enjoy! Stay tuned for the next post.