Performing Arts Render Tutorial

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Technical Drawings CAD blocks and Resources

Hello everyone, and welcome to H.A.R.S again!

Here are some websites for all things free! If you are looking for technical details for detailed drawings, click Arcat, Apacad, Engstandards. These websites provide free CAD blocks and DWG files to use.  You can also click here for the list of resources for technical design/drawings.

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H.A.R.S. Welcome


Welcome to the Huskies Architectural Resources for Students (H.A.R.S.)

After being at Northeastern for a bit, I realize that to be a successful architecture student you have to know how to do things efficiently. This is an inventory for Northeastern University Architecture students to find resources on a variety of architecture resources. This site has architecture tutorials from different websites for students to improve their skills. We always depend on our peers to help us with learning how to do things, so this is another way to do so.

This resource center is for all of us, to improve our skills for possible internships (besides the co-ops) and to have a life outside of the studio.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these tutorials. The credit goes to its respective owner/website. I simply provide links to the tutorials and resources for your benefit!