Performing Arts Render Tutorial

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Photoshop Tutorials to Instantly Make Your Architecture Drawings Better!

Hello Huskies! This post is about Photoshop and how to improve your skills with the software!

For anyone who is not familiar with the photoshop interphase, this tutorial is a basic instructional method to importing your PDF drawings to photoshop the correct way. Don’t kid yourself! You will use photoshop for the rest of your life if you are continuing with architecture.

For anyone who wants to make interesting renderings and model photos the right way, check out this tutorial. It gives step by step instructions on what to do and how to execute.
Make your architecture sections look pretty using Photoshop using this tutorial!

Add more light into architecture images using this photoshop tutorial or using the IES lighting! This photoshop tutorial is useful for adding lights to sections or renderings.

This Photoshop website has an inventory of really great tutorials for using the photoshop tools. Also great for making model photos and renderings more interesting using photoshop.

Psdbox is the ultimate website for photoshop enthusiasts. This website has a variety of tutorials for beginners to advance users. Has amazing tips for users that can be essential to making great model photos and renderings! Also, your portfolio can really benefit from this website for aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for Photoshop specifically for architecture, look at Deprocess for the source.

The-Orange-Box is a cool website that has a lot of essential plug-ins for photoshop.This includes a free seamless texture generator!

I hope these sources were very useful! Thank you!


CG Architect and Rendering Resource Website

Hello Huskies!

Are you interested in learning how to render or improve your rendering skills? Keep reading, because I have the links to direct you! For a lot of your projects, rendering can really take a project to the next level, because it conveys the concepts that are trying to be expressed in a realistic attempt. For all of you that don’t know, VRay is definitely a well known render engine that is used by many software such as Rhino, 3ds Max, and SketchUp. This is a great post for anyone who is starting out in Vray using 3ds max!

Tutorial Website –>

Also, for aspiring CG architects, check out Evermotion for its abundance of free tutorials and resources, Design.tuts for all things art and design, Visualizing Architecture for helpful architecture tips and Ronen Bekerman for anyone interested in the CG architecture industry.

Overall, these websites are really great to improve your portfolios and rendering! I hope this is helpful for you!



Youtube Videos for Architecture Visualization

Hello Huskies!

For anyone interested in learning how to render without having to use VRay or any other render engine, this post is for you! If you want to improve model photos and renderings in photoshop, check out this very helpful tutorial at the ARQUI9 Visualization channel! There is a video that blow your mind to another dimension. This great photoshop tutorial from Vyonyxtv of how you can change two simple forms into a whole render. Take a look

Gradinar Razvan has a channel that explains the process of composition in Photoshop, which can be beneficial for anyone who wants to make amazing renders the right way. Another great channel is Photoshop Architect that specializes in making super awesome renders using only Photoshop and a basic SketchUp drawing. Check it out! Finally, the last channel is for the VRay users who wants to use Photoshop to take their renderings to the next level. Check out Korinho23‘s channel!

I hope these Youtube Videos and channels will inspire you to go beyond what our architecture instructors teaches us. May your renders change the game! Thank you and stay in tune for the next post!


Texture and Packs

Hello Huskies!

I’m sure you are really busy with architecture stuff, but I’m here with another post to share with you! But first, I have a question. What makes a render look really nice? Any takers…? Well, there’s the modeling, lighting, and ….. (yeah, you guessed it) textures. Renderings without textures lack flavor and spice! I know what your thinking: can’t I just download the textures from google? You’re absolutely right, you can. However, Google doesn’t always guarantee quality when retrieving images to use. Here are some websites that can give you an abundance of textures. Go check them out down below!

Disclaimer: Get your jump drives ready!

  1. Psdbox has a stock of textures and photoshop brushes. It also has a great inventory of tutorials and all things photoshop
  2. Want 350 free textures packs? Yeah me too! Click on this post from Design.tuts and you should get 350 wood textures/packs3. Want another 500 Free Texture Packs, this is the post for you. Click here to download 500 free textures from Behance.4. Need 20 Free Realistic Rusty Metal Logo Mockup Textures for a random grunge look? Well, I will leave this right here for you!

    5. Here is a list of extra CG textures from VRay World for you to check out!

  3. 6. Texture mate also has an inventory of textures! Check it out!

7. Here is the 300+ Tileable Wooden Textures! This link is the ultimate wood texture pack. You’re welcome!

Alright Huskies, I hope this post gave you a lot of free resources and textures! There are plenty of other sites. I will make post more sources to go to for more textures. Good luck and put these textures to good use! Thank you!


Really nice slick textures (good for business cards or portfolios)

FREE 3D Models!!!

Hello Northeastern Huskies!

I hope the title excites you just as much as it excites me! Really nice models can be hard to come by, but I managed to find some places that you can download some 3d models to spice up renderings.

  1. 3D Model Free consists of categories depending on the scene that you are trying to find to create the perfect scene. The name of the website says it all.
  2.  Syncronia is a free 3D model website that not only provides the model itself, but also the DWG file. How awesome is that? If there are any specialty items that has to be on your plan, this website is everything. All you need to do is sign up and register with a free account. It’s just that simple!
  3. Another great website with an abundance of 3D models is Archive 3D. It has thousands of free 3D models that are unbelievably amazing. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.
  4. Finally, My Creative Daddy has a free download of 45 chairs and stools. Get it now!

Thank you for visiting H.A.R.S.! I hope this post gave you a lot of free furniture! Enjoy!


Ultimate Guide for Architecture Students

Hello Fellow Huskies!

Want to improve your software skills, portfolio design, or learn more about becoming a better student? These websites will fulfill all of your needs! No matter if you are freshmen or a senior, this website can be beneficial! First in Architecture is a great website for any architecture students.

Another great website is this, which was made by an architecture teacher. Digital tools for Architects  is extremely helpful for anyone who is using Rhino and SketchUp, and who needs an introduction to basic rendering principles. Tutorials for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are included.

Cutout People and cutout objects for Photoshop

Are you looking to spice up your model photos and renderings? Here are some awesome links to check out →

The easiest way to find cutout people or objects is to: Go on google images>search>people png. This is no always the best way due to quality and resolution, but it is nice and quick.

  1.  Immediate entourage is an amazing inventory to find cutout people, structures, animals. Enjoy!
  2.  Vishopper is another resource that includes cutout people, vegetation, skies, and backgrounds. You can even buy cutout bundles if you want!
  3. Gobotree has some Cutout groups of people and cut out plants. Enjoy!
  4. Viz-people is an inventory full of free people, 3d models, skies, and textures. Enjoy!
  5. Xoio-Air is a great studio that was nice enough to give free cutout people and textures. Check out theit work here.
  6. Juan Carlos Ramos is an architect, who was kind enough to provide free stuff  on his website. Check out his work here.
  7. Skalgubbar is a really cool cutout inventory created by Teodor Javanaud Emdén. You can find an abundance of cutout people. Enjoy!

8. Looking for cutout silhouettes? All-silhouettes is the place to find everything you are looking for!

9. MrCutout is the ultimate website to find all cutout people. It is super convenient because it is organized in specific categories.

10. PSDbox always have the greatest resources in one place. If you are looking for plants in particular, you should probably check this out!

Well here are the links to the cutout people/ objects. I hope that this will be useful to all of you! Please check out these websites to see if you can use them for commercial use and make sure you give credit to the website/person if you are using these cutouts! Thanks.