Texture and Packs

Hello Huskies!

I’m sure you are really busy with architecture stuff, but I’m here with another post to share with you! But first, I have a question. What makes a render look really nice? Any takers…? Well, there’s the modeling, lighting, and ….. (yeah, you guessed it) textures. Renderings without textures lack flavor and spice! I know what your thinking: can’t I just download the textures from google? You’re absolutely right, you can. However, Google doesn’t always guarantee quality when retrieving images to use. Here are some websites that can give you an abundance of textures. Go check them out down below!

Disclaimer: Get your jump drives ready!

  1. Psdbox has a stock of textures and photoshop brushes. It also has a great inventory of tutorials and all things photoshop
  2. Want 350 free textures packs? Yeah me too! Click on this post from Design.tuts and you should get 350 wood textures/packs3. Want another 500 Free Texture Packs, this is the post for you. Click here to download 500 free textures from Behance.4. Need 20 Free Realistic Rusty Metal Logo Mockup Textures for a random grunge look? Well, I will leave this right here for you!

    5. Here is a list of extra CG textures from VRay World for you to check out!

  3. 6. Texture mate also has an inventory of textures! Check it out!

7. Here is the 300+ Tileable Wooden Textures! This link is the ultimate wood texture pack. You’re welcome!

Alright Huskies, I hope this post gave you a lot of free resources and textures! There are plenty of other sites. I will make post more sources to go to for more textures. Good luck and put these textures to good use! Thank you!



Really nice slick textures (good for business cards or portfolios)


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