Cutout People and cutout objects for Photoshop

Are you looking to spice up your model photos and renderings? Here are some awesome links to check out →

The easiest way to find cutout people or objects is to: Go on google images>search>people png. This is no always the best way due to quality and resolution, but it is nice and quick.

  1.  Immediate entourage is an amazing inventory to find cutout people, structures, animals. Enjoy!
  2.  Vishopper is another resource that includes cutout people, vegetation, skies, and backgrounds. You can even buy cutout bundles if you want!
  3. Gobotree has some Cutout groups of people and cut out plants. Enjoy!
  4. Viz-people is an inventory full of free people, 3d models, skies, and textures. Enjoy!
  5. Xoio-Air is a great studio that was nice enough to give free cutout people and textures. Check out theit work here.
  6. Juan Carlos Ramos is an architect, who was kind enough to provide free stuff  on his website. Check out his work here.
  7. Skalgubbar is a really cool cutout inventory created by Teodor Javanaud Emdén. You can find an abundance of cutout people. Enjoy!

8. Looking for cutout silhouettes? All-silhouettes is the place to find everything you are looking for!

9. MrCutout is the ultimate website to find all cutout people. It is super convenient because it is organized in specific categories.

10. PSDbox always have the greatest resources in one place. If you are looking for plants in particular, you should probably check this out!

Well here are the links to the cutout people/ objects. I hope that this will be useful to all of you! Please check out these websites to see if you can use them for commercial use and make sure you give credit to the website/person if you are using these cutouts! Thanks.



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